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The Fast Pass Crash Course is an intensive driving course in Burton of driving lessons given over a short period of time. A crash course is the quickest way to pass your driving test, with courses ranging from 5 hours to 45 hours. All our crash courses are given by our highly-qualified and experienced driving instructors, giving you an excellent chance of passing your driving test.

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Fast Pass Driving School has both male and female driving instructors in Burton.  Sometimes a pupil needs a women’s touch in order for them to progress efficiently. Some pupils also have a preference of having a female driving instructor to teach them rather than a male driving instructor. At Fast Pass Driving School, we offer the choice of either a male or a female driving instructor.

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Fast Pass Driving School offers automatic driving lessons in Burton as well as manual driving lessons.  There are many reasons as to why learning in an automatic car is the way forward. Firstly, it is easier to learn in an automatic car due to there being no clutch pedal or gear stick. These are used in conjunction with each other – when the speed of the car changes, you would change the gear whilst also pushing the clutch pedal down at the same time

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At Fast Pass Driving School, we are fortunate to have vastly experienced and top-graded driving instructors, who deliver the best driving lessons Burton has to offer. We are now expanding our company by offering driving instructor training in Burton. If you’re thinking about becoming a driving instructor, you’re thinking about a career offering flexibility and work-life balance.

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